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The Small Production Team

Shipley Little Theatre is open to everyone, and beginners are more than welcome, but we’re lucky enough to have people with professional training and experience and they have been invaluable for what they’ve brought to the beginners.

We’re committed to making the best theatre we can, and bringing people forward, and putting classic plays from the modern repertoire in front of an audience who might not otherwise be able to see them. For that reason we’ve created the Small Production Team. Modern plays don’t have (or tend not to have) the 20+ casts we’d need to include everyone. The plays we’re looking at make demands on actors that a beginner simply isn’t ready for. So when you are ready you’ll be able to audition for a Small Production. Auditions are open to all, but casting will be strictly on readiness.

The Small Production Group’s first production will. hopefully, be Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett, for production for local tour autumn 2017.

There are four characters, as written all male:


Beckett deliberately doesn’t tell us much about them. The writing suggests that they’re tramps, men who have fallen on hard times, but the script is open for exploration. Beckett doesn’t babyfeed.

Auditions for this will be announced as soon as we know we’ve got the rights, stay tuned.

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