Privacy Policy

Shipley Little Theatre wouldn’t be anything without you lovely people. It’s our members, friends and supporters that make what we do possible, and since you come to our shows and navigate our site, we may hold some information about you.

This may include your name, your email address, and (if you are a member of the society currently involved in putting on a show) your phone number and emergency medical details. This page aims to give you an overview of what information we store, where we store it, who has access to it, how it is collected, and what you can do if you don’t want us to have it.

Hopefully, it will answer any questions you have, but if you still have concerns feel free to get in touch with us!


IMPORTANT NOTE: When we talk about information in this context, we mean your contact details and (in some cases) emergency medical contact details only. We never have access to your financial information, since all our shows are ticketed through venue box offices or trusted online ticket vendors; all sensitive financial information is held by the banks and processing companies they use, all of whom store your data securely.

We never have access to this information, nor do they ever share your details with anyone else.


How do we collect your information?

As a society, we collect information in two ways: through paper forms in person and through the mailing list and contact form on this site.

When we collect information in paper form, verbal consent is given for us to store this information, which will then be typed up into an Excel sheet held on a secure server, that only the current production team and steering committee have access to. This is usually for the duration of a production (from casting, through rehearsals, to performance), after which the information is deleted and destroyed.

We use Mailchimp to manage our mailing list, and you can sign up for our newsletter here. The only way you will ever find yourself on this mailing list is if you have expressly asked (through the form or in person) to be added to it.

If you are a member of our Facebook Group, all the information that passes through there is collected and stored by Facebook themselves, and held on their secure servers. You can find out more about their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, using the respective links.


Who has access to your information?

If you have signed up to our mailing list, then several members of the steering committee will have access to your information. The mailing list is managed by our Web Officer, though changes can also be made by any member of the committee. This is never more than eight people, and you can find out who our current committee members are here.

We use Mailchimp to manage our mailing list, and your details are also stored on their secure servers. You can find out more about their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use by following the respective links.

If you are a member of the cast or crew of a current production, then you will have been asked to fill in a paper form asking for the following information: name, email address, and contact number, along with any serious medical conditions that we need to know about and the name and number of someone we should contact in an emergency. This information is kept in paper form for no more than one week, after which it is destroyed. In the meantime, this information will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet and kept securely by a nominated member of the production team (usually the director or the producer). This information will only be accessed in an emergency, and will be destroyed when the production has come to an end, or if for any reason you leave the cast or company before that point.


How is your information used?

If you have asked to join our mailing list you will receive semi-regular newsletters containing details of upcoming workshops, upcoming shows, auditions, performances and social activities, and sometimes information about productions by other companies that our members are also involved in.

If you are a member of the cast and crew of a current production you will have have filled in a paper form requesting the information listed in the previous section (and if you haven’t yet, please make sure you do!). This information is used in various ways, as follows:

  • Name – apart from it being useful to know who you are, the spelling you provide here will be the spelling used in the programme.
  • Email – during the course of the production, information relevant to the cast and crew may be sent out through email – or through a Facebook Group (see above). This information is generally along the lines of our code of conduct, rehearsal schedule, resources for particular characters, ‘homework’ set by the director, information relating to particular rehearsal or performance venues, and information about the performance itself, including where to tell friends and family to get tickets and posters.
  • Contact telephone number – this will only be used to contact you if you are not in a place you should be at a time you should be and we are concerned about you, or to make a production request (i.e. “Terry’s bus is late, do you mind picking him up from outside B&Q?” or “Remember to bring costume tonight.”). This is will be a call or a text, depending on the situation. The only other time your phone number will be used is if there is an emergency and we cannot contact you.
  • Nominated emergency contact name and telephone number – this will only be accessed or used if a medical emergency occurs and we need to inform your nominated emergency contact.
  • Serious medical conditions – this information is only used if a medical emergency occurs. On the form you filled in, you were asked to give consent for this information to be shared with paramedics if there is a medical emergency. If you gave consent, this is how this information will be used. (For example, major allergic reactions to particular medication, or a history of heart trouble). At no time will this information be shared with anyone else.


How is my information stored?

Mailchimp hosts the details of all our mailing list subscribers on their secure servers and Facebook hosts any details of group members on their secure servers.

During productions, we keep a spreadsheet of all cast and crew information necessary to comply with Health and Safety regulations and venue and performance insurance. This is held on a password protected laptop belonging to a member of the production team. This laptop is either directly in their possession or locked securely in their home at all times. The details in this spreadsheet are deleted at the end of the production run (i.e. following the after show party).


So, what are my rights?

You have the right to ask us at any time what information we have about you, how it is stored or collected, and what we do with it, and we will tell you everything (likely at some length). You also have the right to ask to be taken off the mailing list and have your details deleted at any time.

If you are a member of the cast or crew of a current production, you have the right to ask to be removed from our spreadsheet. In this event, however, because we need to maintain this spreadsheet for Health and Safety reasons, we will not be able to allow you to continue to take part in that production.

If you have any questions about your information and our relationship with it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Why am I getting so many emails about GDPR?

It’s taken a lot of small businesses, groups, societies, clubs and companies by surprise how much needs to be done in a short space of time, so your inbox is probably full of slightly worried emails asking you to provide explicit (rather than implied) consent to remain on various mailing lists. It can all be a bit mind-boggling, but there’s a really helpful article you can look at on the Which? website if you want to know what all the fuss is about!


Thank you for your patience!


Last updated: 18th May 2018