2018 – Truth Will Out

An intimate party at the home of Lord & Lady Nithsdale becomes a crime scene when Russian mystic Alexei Vasiliev is found murdered. It rapidly becomes clear that all is not as it seems, as the room holds an array of characters with murky secrets and various webs of deceit – including the deceased.

A mix of script and improvisation, this interactive play, penned by local writer Lauren K. Nixon, invites the audience to interrogate each suspect in order to help bungling Inspector Ernie Sharp and the over-worked Constable Blunt solve the mystery.

The play toured to the following venues:

Bradford Playhouse, Bradford
Ilkley Playhouse, Ilkey
Kirkgate Centre, Shipley



Helen Bourne
Izzy de Bono
Louise Flavell
Suzanne Jackson
Dan Jeffrey
Keith Lander
Kirsty McNulty
Adam Mitulinski
Liz Radice
Zahoor Sakharkar
Alan Troake