A month and a half in!

We need photos. Photos are good. In the meantime we had our 6th meeting! Amazing how it flies. I have to say people are coming together well. Very well, I can only hope this energy continues.

We’ve been offered a very good panto, and a very good play by a local writer. All we need now… all we need now is rehearsal space. All this potential, all this energy and as of today nowhere to put it. We’ll find somewhere though. We’ll find somewhere.

In the meantime the open workshops are every Tuesday. They’re fulfilling their purpose; it’s a place for new people to join where they can jump straight in instead of having to wait possibly months for the gap between productions. It’s a meeting ground for the whole company, very important to stop different casts coming adrift of each other. It’s a place where actors can learn to work together, gaining a familiarity with each other they can take forward into productions. It’s a place where directors can get to know the actors. Our auditions are open, but in the end if the actor and director have a working relationship, then that’s an advantage, can’t deny it. If you want to be cast it will help to get to a Tuesday. Everyone is welcome from beginner to experienced.

We must take some photos.