Happy February!

The thing with these website things is you need to update them or looks like you’ve gone away.

We haven’t gone away. Oh by giddy crikey we haven’t.

I’ll bang a longer more detailed post on here later, but for now we’re doing a pantomime! Written by local Shipley/Windhill writer Tina Palomar it’ll be her first ever performed work. That’ll be going on in the Kirkgate Centre in April. Still some parts going so if you’re interested get in touch.

Now the panto’s underway the small production group are hoping to do Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett. Arguably the greatest Absurdist play in the English language (and I know lots will disagree, and I also know it was written in French. With an Irish accent), that will be playing hopefully a number of venues around the Leeds/Bradford area in the autumn.

And (as if that wasn’t enough) we’re producing a new play by local writer Eddie Lawler for tour in autumn 2017. “Making Light” is the story of the remarkable “Blind” Jack Metcalf, who managed to be an 18th century rock god (on the fiddle), entrepreneur, ladies man, adventurer and road builder, all while being blind. It’s an extraordinary tale of an extraordinary man in this the year of his 300th birthday.

And the Tuesday meets are carrying on. Please don’t forget, 7pm every Tuesday, target donation for room hire about £3, there’s a workshop led by a variety of very good workshop leaders then a bit of a social (purely voluntary) afterwards.

Everyone welcome from beginners to the very experienced.

See you there!